Contemporary Fiber Art in Historic Houses

In conjunction with LOVE Your Park Week, join us for Spring Forward: Contemporary Fiber Art in Historic Houses - Opening May 18, 2013

Lemon Hill - featuring Artist Rachel Blythe Udell
Exhibit May 18 - June 9
Opening Reception on May 18, 2 - 5 pm

Mount Pleasant - Featuring Artist Melissa Maddoni Haims
Exhibit May 18 - June 30
Opening Reception on May 18, 1 - 4 pm

Rachel Blythe Udell uses soft textured materials to create works that feel to her Iike sentient extensions of herself.  Udell's installation includes: 'My social network,' an environment of crocheted netting and other pieces that literally weave and nest themselves into the features of the house.The brilliant colors and plant like qualities In Rachel's work lend themselves to our celebration of the spring  -when  life begins to emerge again in our parks!  For more about Rachel Blythe Udell visit:

Melissa Maddonni Haims explores mostly recycled,reclaimed and reused fabrics and yarn. She creates large-scale crocheted and knitted works mixed with found objects. Known as one of "the Philadelphia yarn bombers," she is engaged in a recent global phenomenon known as 'yarn bombing' that involves wrapping inanimate objects with a colorful mix of yarns. Ms. Haims has installed this type of knit graffiti around the globe since early 2010; at a recent stop in Miami, her work was featured in Art Basel,the country's largest contemporary art fair.  Melissa's next stop is Mount Pleasant,where her soft sculpture installation Hell (inspired by Dante's lnferno) will be warming up the empty fire places of the house, while her yarn-bombed balustrades will brlng bold color and lively rhythms to the Colonial house.  For more about Melissa Maddonni Haims visit:

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